January 22, 2009

turning point

being a teenage doesn't mean u have to be happy all the time, doesn't mean u need to have fun all the way. at some stages, ask urself. what you want to do? what you want to be? && most important things, what you want to achieve in ur journey of life.?

as human being, yeah to be exact .. as a grown up girl like u guys.. ;D i did a lottt of mistakes. i mean A LOT!!! with my parents esp, in my relationship, friends, and all the peeps around me.but its nature. the thing is have u realize it or u dont?!

u will be a better person if u realize, then u change to be good. but its useless if u just realize but u remain the same,still >.< let people talk craps bout u! just dont care!
they dont deserve a respect from u! move on && someday somehow, people will look at u at a different honoured way =))