May 28, 2009

May 28 ;

Pretty much exhausted. Psychology class is sucks! I can't even understand what the hell is the lecturer talking about. Well, i am still trying to catch up actually for the sake of new term 'term'! haha. got it? My basic composition class seems to be more interesting i guess. I had fun doing all those essay, thesis statements, free writing, brainstorming and etc. Currently im working on an essay : Household products use local celebrities to promote their products. hmm.. i need a very eye catching tittle! a short one. cud u guys pretty help me pleaseee ;D ngee :P Alice( my basic comp lecturer) is a really helpful person. i like her so much! hoping that she wont fail my paper! haha.

p/s: she doesnt want her student to address her with miss/mrs/madam or wtv. just Alice! cool kan minah nih? heheh

My classmates is kinda like fun to be with. they are really friendly, supportive, gilaa banyak knowledge & owh i just love to talk bout stuff with them. well... most importantly they are so not racist unlike my psychology class peeps. haha. in psycho class, i do have my clique.. farah, fandi, syakir faruq (i love them to the max)n bla bla bla but most of the chinese are seems to be a bit.. i mean a bitt... racist! yeah! well, i dont care & wtv lah. aku tak mati pwn =P

i was actually still feel very down cuz my persian white cat is dead! yeah back then, everyone knows that i am damn scared of cats but arghh idk, lately i am so in love with kittens. haha. but now, dah matiii! ;(

reza sms me n told me that the cat is dead, & i was like straight away call him. i blame him at d first place.. nangis gila babii kowt! i marah2 reza.. huhu. kesiann dowh mamat tu. but dia pwn sedey jugak so diam je la kan. nangis je laa!act kucing tu takde name pun lagi but reza used to call the kitten kutip
! haha. sbb anak kucing tu sesat & reza kutip dia. maybe dia mati pwm sbb sakit ;( ngok ngek ah reza tak bwk g klnik!
takpelahh. i have 'lonya'. =) my baby kitten! comel sgt!

reza, reza.. i nak kittens for my birthday ;D i nak white colour, i nak yg new born, i nak jantan, takmo betina! its a big big no! i nak persian cat! huhu. demanding kot! but i still want it! ily syg. mmuah mmuah ;D

House of Fayette pose!

There is some pictures of the committee members from H.O.F on our very first day opening up the booth and pledge new members for the club ;D more to come peeps!

farah ; the H.O.F website team

teera; the H.O.F photographer

that guy?? hahah. thats Hilmi; our one & only MR PRESIDENT OF HOF!!