May 22, 2009

blurb ;

i was super duper EXTRA exhausted this week. its holiday for college but arghh.. too much to handle! owh yea American Degree Program Student from Segi Damansara, which is me & my friends are constructing a new club! 'HOUSE of FAYYETE' (click here to our blog)

Its Hilmi's idea nak buat club ni ;D so kitorang just support and looks like things are working out! =) we gonna have our PLEDGING DAY on 25th of May at SEGi college Kota Damansara (of course).

we had our first ice breaking meeting! attend by the VIPs which is US! ahahaha.

** owh yea, fandi bought us kuih! tq buddy! while tgh ber-meeting mulut mengunyah jea ;P

&& this is the organization aka the committee members of HOUSE of FAYYETE!! (click here to our facebook!)

We had the 2nd meeting && this time theres so many things we have discussed! Organization;

the Constitution, the Student benefits, Purpose of the club, Campaign, Time weekly meeting, Complaint forms for students and Finalized our TEE SHIRT!

yea myT (click here: myT myspace) is the place where we gonna print our tee! heheh.

more to come peeps!