May 24, 2009

kawan semasa membesar

Back in 2003, after the UPSR result was released i was then chosen to be in Maktab Rendah Sains Mara Pasir Salak, Perak. && there where all begins. hidup dekat asrama at first sgt taak best. i have no frens, i know no one & i am totally home sick. i've been crying like hell for like one week non stop without fail! the food is arghh.. nasik kawah yang nak tak nak memang kene telan jugak! well, sbb hati tak suka thats why semua pwn nampak buruk je.

after a while, everything have changed. being an indipendant 13 years old girl is really exciting. having your frens with u 24/7 and the my 3 superb cubemate, qammy,deera & azyan (own theres 4 person in one room) i really missed them ;( byk yang dah lost contact but theres some yg mmg smpai hari ni pun still jugak ngan dorg. yg paling selalu lepak is hilman & kerel =) diorang classmate dari form 1.. so let me count.. its like i've known them for 7 years =) tgk sorang2 membesar esp HILMAN!! hahahaha:P

hari tu diorang tetiba dtg rumah. tapi tanak ah aku ajak diorang msk sbb ustaz syadira tgh ajar mengaji. segan la pulak. so, decide nak gi minum.. mula2 nak g d'kayu je tapi apehal tah si driver (amin) bwk gi rasta. so okeh la... tak sampai sejam pun kat sane. dorg just minum. aku je mkn.. balik, da nak maghrib diorg tumpang solat jap. hmm.. melarat smpai malam kat umah aku. bongok ah korg =P tapi weyh serious, eventhough korg selalu cmplaint aku susah nak angkat call korg (bukan sengaja) aku tak lupe korg doww ;D


kerel : hope awak happy dgn miss haina ;D
maman: kau takleh ade gf! hahaha


24th may ;

theres nothing much i can do today. dad is out to work. yea sometimes sunday is also a working day for him but at least we got to had break1st together this morning. whee..that is the best part when we share our stories with him,make jokes & laugh together. he is still my number one daddy! ;D && we never fail to kiss him whenever he's at the door, ready for work.

but now, here i am. blogging after i had my long relaxing shower :P owh i change my shampoo for like once a month?? hahaha. it's some sort of experiment i guess. i mean, i just would like to know which shampoo is the best for my hair, at least. i was about to do a 'relaxing' (kinda like rebonding but it looks more natural) but azrin doesn't allow me. she said my natural curly hair is already okay & the relaxing thingy will just give me a 'bad hair day' in d end. is it? haha. well good fren won't lie, aren;t they? =)

while im blogging, i took a glanced at my bed & owh i stopped at my 'Jimmie Gebiu' and.... i started to miss someone. Jimmie Gebiu is my green baby bear with a big head. thats where i got his name. GEBIU stands for 'gebu'! hehe. its from reza for my 17th birthday! :D maryam love it so much & she sometimes even steal it at nite from me >.< Jimmie have witnessed all my tears, my laughter & yeah i have to admit sometimes i talk to him eventhough he will just sit and stare. hahaha. thats why i love him. cuz he wont fight me back :P
rather than i talk to human.. a real human.

**meet Jimmie Gebiu everyone

mama is planning to wacth movie today but things isn't confirm yet. so just wait & see. but for the mean time i will just sit back & relax. class will start tomorow. *sigh*.. hmm how i miss school! damn T_T everything was just fine, just so cool, so entertaining, argh.. need i say more.instead i am the school prefect in f4 and f5. *cough cough (yeah tq for laughing) . reza always make fun of me cuz he said he still cant believe when he was 20, he falls for a form 4 schoo
l girl. ciss! but i cant hate him for that. its a sweet momory though. really a sweet one ;DD

enough for now. my eyes just cant handle this anymore. my bed is calling. the aircond is reachin 16 degree celcius, & owh jimmie wants a hug! haha. toodles everyone! =)
selamat pagi awak awak semua


wishing for a beautiful sunday!!

love, niesha

Jejaka Musim Panass di SEGi

Damn. aku bosann lagi. bukak you tube plak. tgh best2 meronda, tetiba ternampak satu video ni. which masa tu aku ngan budak segi lain tgh practice cheer && si Engku Ahmad Syafiq (click it) yg perasan michael jackson ni boley buat show plak! :P

we recorded it to keep it as a memory. BIG thnx to kau la syafiq. rajin dtg tgk kitorg practice! hehehe

haha. "syafiq, kau jgn marah aku eh post bende alah ni. cool ape && boleh menambahkan koleksi awek2 yg minat kau"

p/s: suara "wooo" tu bukan aku eh! tu suare hanis! hahaha

well syafiq, dtg ah segi dow. lama gila tak jumpa kau!


Miss Nadia ; chamoonyaw, get well soon!

hey readers!

due to my so called "cant sleep" term, i decided to have a look at all my fren's blog.

i stopped at nad chamoonyaw's (click it) OMG! sumpaah aku tekejut. nad masuk hospital ;(

aku terus angkat fon & call nad. i miss her a LOT! she's a really nice fren or shud i call her kakak? hehe..

she told me the story, cane dia boleh masuk hospital sume but im glad she's okay now. get well soon my dear. u know i love u nad ;D (nad, jgn naughty2 lagi okay)

lamaa kitorang tak calling2! so skrg bila dapat cakap & dapat dengar suara.. wah seronok gila baii!

** nad, niesha promise.. insyaallah kalau niesha da free sume nnt niesha dtg umah nad niesha bawak chocolate baaanyaakkk baaayaaakkk okayh?? ;D

p/s: you are one of the gratest person that ive known for my entire life nad! nad byk tolong niesha kalau niesha susah. nad selalu teman niesha kalau niesha sunyi... nad tak jemu pun layan niesha membebel panjang2..sayang nad! takmo sedih2, keje best2 pastu buat bende yg boleh buat nad happpy ok? mmuah! && get well soon!


** owh nama chamoonyaw tu aku dapat from nama kucing nad! comel sgt smpai aku panggil tuan dia cmtuh :P